How are HPO modifiers used and queried

In exploring the Kids First data, I see it is possible to query by HPO terms. Is it also possible to query by HPO modifiers? How are the modifiers tied to the terms they modify?

I am particularly interested in the coding for the laterality modifiers Right (HP:0012834) and Left (HP:0012835). As far as I can see from exploring the data, there are not currently examples of the Left and RIght HPO terms to view. If we wanted to use laterality modifiers, how would this look?

For example, if a person had a Club foot (Left) and a Unilateral Cleft Lip (Right), how would you know which laterality modifies were tied to which observed phenotype?

Or are modifiers not really used in the Kids First portal, with relevant laterality information being stored as Phenotype (Source Text) only? Thanks!