RAS Log-In Integration and Maintenance (November 2021)

Members of the Kids First Community,

The Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Resource Portal will be undergoing maintenance on Monday, November 22nd. Our engineers will be replacing a key piece of software that allows users to log in to the Portal. This update will enable log ins using NIH Research Auth Service (RAS) for better interoperability and continued security for our data assets.

As part of this maintenance, the Portal will be offline on Monday, November 22nd. The work is anticipated to be completed in one day and the Portal will fully return on Tuesday, November 23rd.

As part of the maintenance, changes will be made that may affect how you log into the Portal:

  • The “Log In with Facebook” option will no longer be supported. If you currently use this Log In method, please create a new account using one of the two other options.
  • While the “Log In with ORCID” option will still be supported, all existing accounts created using this method are unable to be migrated to our new system. Users will still be able to log in with their ORCIDs, but they will lose any saved queries and saved sets they had in the Explore Data tool. If this affects you, please reach out to our support desk (support@kidsfirstdrc.org) and we will arrange a way to transfer these queries for you.
  • The “Log In with Google” option will continue to be supported. No action is needed if you use this Log In method.

Thank you for your patience as we complete these important updates to the Kids First Portal. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@kidsfirstdrc.org and we’ll be happy to help.

Looking forward to continuing to support your research,

The Kids First DRC Team