Diagnosis/phenotype discrepancy between DRP page and downloaded clinical data

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I am confused by this family here
(Kids First Data Portal)
In this page it seems only one family member is unaffected (PT_TKDXHEAA) and after downloading “Clinical Data: Participants Only”, it turns out that two more family members (PT_A952C4MW and PT_J6ZF7CQX) are also without “Phenotype (Source Text)” or “Diagnosis (Source Text)”

Expected Behavior

Patients PT_A952C4MW and PT_J6ZF7CQX should be shown to be unaffected, i.e. without “Diagnosis” in the portal.

Actual Behavior

Patients PT_A952C4MW and PT_J6ZF7CQX are currently labeled as affected and with “Diagnosis” of “congenital diaphragmatic hernia”.

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Thanks for sharing the issue. I’m looking into this and I’ll let you know if I have any questions!