CBTN Data Migration

The Children’s Brain Tumor Network recently received NIH support for sequencing many of CBTN’s remaining clinical samples as well as housing CBTN’s genomic data in the future. As part of this support, the CBTN is in the process of migrating our existing datasets to new cloud-based locations, resulting in a temporary disruption in access to these files.

The nature of this migration will disrupt any CAVATICA projects you are working in with CBTN files effective immediately. The CAVATICA platform will no longer recognize these files for analysis. You will need to refresh these files by copying them into your CAVATICA project once again from either the PBTA-CBTN Dataset or the Kids First Portal.

If you currently access CBTN data through the CAVATICA PBTA-CBTN Dataset, select the files you are interested in using a series of filters and then choose “COPY” to move them to your project of choice.

If you currently access CBTN data through the Kids First Portal using an eRA Commons ID, this access has been temporarily revoked for all users during the migration process. We anticipate KF Portal access will be reactivated within 6-8 weeks by early February 2022. During this time, the CAVATICA PBTA-CBTN Dataset is the only way to access CBTN. If you need access to the dataset, please contact research@cbtn.org for assistance.

Let us know if you have any questions about the CBTN data migration and we will continue to provide support.

Looking forward to continuing to support your research,

The Children’s Brain Tumor Network Team